A Quick Page about Certification

We proudly apply the letters C & E to our product which allows us to trade in the single EEA market.

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This means we meet EU safety requirements, health and environmental requirements and that the product complies with EU legislation.

We are declaring legally and publicly that the product we manufacture conforms with all legal requirements to achieve the CE marking. This ensures validity for our product and for it to be sold throughout the EEA.

To do this we:
Carry out conformity assessments continuously – LVD Report|IP Report|EMC Report
Keep an up to date technical file – available on site in Greater Manchester, UK
Issue the EC Declaration of Conformity – available right here
Place the CE mark on the body dryer – a sample of our manufacturing label can be found here
tech docs

We keep a large file full of documentation from over 20 years of body dryer experience. The documentation includes how we manufacture the body dryer; how it conforms to the national standards; our site address, design of the body dryer and the New Approach Directives.
tech docs

Our DoC’s is available here [APRES2] [AIRBD2] and it can accompany the product if you request it. The authorised representative indicates that the product meets all the necessary requirements of the directive that body dryer falls under. The DoC provides the name and address of the manufacture and the specific information about the product. For example, a description and model number.

If, after reading this, you have any more questions please contact us on 0161 761 7014. Additional contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

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