Body Dryer Loan

At airTeem®, we are constantly innovating and finding ways to provide all our customers with great outcomes and bathing solutions. Our original body dryer is manufactured here in the UK with the plastic moulds still pressed in Wigan, Lancashire.

We are committed to ensuring everyone has access to our drying technology and we understand that there is an element of expense with any purchase of this kind. We have decided to introduce a hire scheme where we can loan the airBody Dryer, formerly apresShower®, on a short term or long term basis should this be a better option for you or someone close to you.

We can spread the cost in this way to make paying for the body dryer effortless and convenient to you. Inclusivity and accessibility are the most important things to us and our clients. We want to enable everyone to bathe and dry themselves with dignity, confidence and independence.

For the duration of the agreement, you can have the body dryer installed at the provided address and have full benefit of it. airTeem® will remain the ‘owner’ and you the ‘hirer’. At the end of the agreement, we can pass the ownership of the body dryer to you, provided you have made all the repayments.

We charge a monthly fee for the hire but this is not subject to interest. Please note there is also an installation and deinstallation cost to consider.

An example of the monthly cost over a maximum of 1 year period is £45.00/month. Just 12 payments.

Terms and Conditions apply – T&C’s

Please do not hesitate to call one of the team on 0161 761 7014 to discuss this option further.

Our application form and declaration can be found here

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