Original apresShower®

The apresShower® Body Dryer is a product manufactured by a family run business. To ensure you’re buying the original apresShower® Body Dryer product look for the original cupid logo.

In 1991 Michael Godwin invented the body dryer which you are familiar with today. Although it has been known by a number of names in different markets throughout the world, they all originated from the Greater Manchester base – that’s why they all look the same. Apres Shower Ltd has sold the body dryers for many years. This was until, sadly, Michael Godwin’s dementia forced him to take a back seat.

First Draft

Apres Shower Ltd was registered in 1991, over 20 years ago. The original logo was created by Michael’s wife, Sylvia Godwin. It started life as a female figure, blowing a wisp of air from her mouth which formed the apresShower® name. This was to imitate the effects of the body dryer air flow. The original http://laparkan.com/buy-tadalafil/ designs are still here in Bury.

1st Draft

apresShower Ltd logo

Final Draft

After many hours of sketches and redesign, the apresShower® ‘cupid’ logo was born. It features a small, mythical being blowing a wisp of air. The cupid replaced the female figure but the wisp of air survived the drafts. The cupid was still used as the company logo up until as recently as 2014. We now use it for distinguishing the original body dryer from others in the market.


Cupid Logo

Cupid Certified

Only the body dryers that have been manufactured by our family run business, at the original creative location, will be issued with the cupid logo. You will find the little cupid at the bottom of web pages, on the packaging of our body dryer, in the User Guide and various other places.

To ensure you are buying the original apresShower® Body Dryer look for the cupid logo

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