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airTeem® and Changing Places Consortium

Manchester Airport opened two brand new Changing Places toilets this year as part of there commitment to improving the passenger experience at the airport. We followed its development closely and wanted the opportunity to get involved and help in any way we could.

The Changing Places Consortium highlights that some families have to change their son, view daughter or partner on the floor of a public toilet. We too believe that it is not acceptable to expect someone who is living with a disability to be changed on a public toilet floor. That is why we wanted to Get Involved and spread the word.

We thought about how we could help and decided to include the Changing Places, salve changing lives leaflet with every one of our products. You will find it tucked inside your User Guide. This is just a small gesture compared to the work of the consortium and the local campaigners. We will hope it will help increase awareness to our customers and their networks throughout the UK and Europe!

What is a Changing Places Toilet?

The right equipment

Height adjustable changing bench
Tracking hoist or mobile hoist

Enough space

Adequate space for a disabled person and up to two carers
Centrally placed toilet
Screen or curtain to allow some privacy

Safe and Clean

Wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench
Large waste bin for disposable pads
Non-slip floor[5]

Why have Changing Places Toilets?

Only a small number of public Changing Places toilets exist in the UK, viagra [2] so there is still plenty to be done.

230,000 disabled people and their families are denied the right to do everyday things becuase of the lack of public Changing Places toilets. Providing a Changing Places toilet will enable disabled people and their families to visit more venues.[3]

British Standards 8300:2009 Design of Buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people – recommends that Changing Places toilets should be provided in larger public buildings and complexes.[4]

Much more information can be found at Changing Places

Find your local Changing Places toilet here

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