Complaints Procedure

What is a complaint?
At airTeem® we want to know of any concern, healing dissatisfaction, stuff worry, seek or niggle, however slight, felt by anyone with whom we have dealings of any sort. Only by knowing of these can we provide an explanation or put things right. Whether you are a customer, reseller or concerned person we want to know of any concerns you may have.

How do you complain?
In the first instance, we hope that you will feel able to come to us with your concerns. You can complain by writing to airTeem, The Flat, Woodhill St, Bury, Greater Manchester, BL8 1AT. Please bear with us as we will want to pay proper attention to what you have to say, so we ask for a maximium of 30 days to reply

What happens to my complaint?
It may be that your concern or complaint is about a matter which can be resolved easily. We will commit to make a written reply with the given time period, complete a written report, no matter how small the complaint, including a description of the concern or complaint and the answer given or the way it was resolved and of course we will keep you informed. ALL concerns and complaints will be treated seriously and may be used to modify our future operation where appropriate.

Who else can I complain to?
Of course, we hope that you will feel able to come to us first and give us the opportunity of resolving any matter, but we recognise your right to contact appropriate authorities, for example Trading Standards or the Citizen Advice Bureau.

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