Oarsome Potential

Oarsome Grips – we make hands happy again!

Instant and unbeatable pain relief for sore hands on crutches. The Oarsome Grips slide over the crutch handle.

Once fitted, pharm the Oarsome Grips mould to the shape of your hand and compress when your body weight is transferred on to the crutch. The Oarsome Grip absorbs the impact that had been shifted directly to the your hand and immediately reform to their original shape ready to take the strain of the next http://nygoodhealth.com/product/ventolin/ step. Instantly, try hand pain and pressure on the wrists will ease. After several hours, mind the stress on arms, shoulders and upper body will reduce significantly too.

Unlike other similar products, the Oarsome Grips are made from industry trusted antibacterial plastic which lasts longer, can be wiped clean, and is the only hand grip on the market with an inbuilt antibacterial agent – this is why the Oarsome Grips are rapidly becoming retail companies best selling crutch cover.

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