Our Beliefs

Our company has core values based on and indeed forged by the principle of independent living, buy more about our concept the airBody Dryer® plays a leading role in the creation and maintenance of enhanced life quality. Offering options to remain enabled and empowered to bathe safely.

Our Beliefs - the basics

The Basics

airTeem® is one of the world leaders in domestic body drying technology. Bringing the first domestic, website like this total body dryer to the UK market in 1991. Our device has been in daily use in some settings for more than 15 years, affording the user dignity and confidence. Our name for reliability and durability have been a pinnacle for great service for many years.

Our values are founded in the idea of continuity and family beliefs in making a difference to the quality of everyday life. We are committed to helping everyone from infant upwards needing new opportunities to bathe and dry using our own design body dryer.

Our beliefs - our mission

Our Mission

At airTeem® all our customers are guaranteed absolute satisfaction! That is what a small family business can offer, a focussed, individual service built upon our great range of knowledge acquired through many years in the business.

Our body drying concept can give you independence, http://www.honeytraveler.com/pharmacy/ choice and quality of life and that is our mission and vision. If you have difficulty drying after showering or difficultly staying warm in a cold bathroom while you dry, then the body dryer maybe able to help you.

Communication - our beliefs


We want to help and to this end will spare no trouble, you can speak to the owners of the company anytime should you have any query or requirement, we will be very happy to support you – contact

Communication has been the main theme and reason for our continued success, we have a desire to help anyone to achieve what they want to do, we believe completely in a strength based approach. We also apply this to our distribution network we provide technical help and knowledge to our suppliers by working in close partnership with them and by providing Continued Professional Development (CPD) to everyone who wants to learn.

Our beliefs - safety


We never compromise on safety. Any appliance being used in the bathroom should be of the highest safety and the airBody Dryer is no exception. airTeem® comply with all British and European safety regulations. All our products are CE marked, thoroughly tested internally and we maintain a working relationship with independent testing laboratories.

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