The Product

The airBody Dryer® uses innovative technology to effortlessly dry you before you leave the shower. The drying action is effective due to the air jets positioned vertically at different heights; maximizing thermal efficiency and ensuring the whole body is evenly dried.

Patented Technology

Overall the design can fit neatly into the corner of your bathing area. The unique design, adiposity consisting of the mechanised pod, viagra order which houses the raw mechanics of the dryer can be suspended from a  height of around 2.0m from the wall by a APRES2 bracket.

The high-powered motor and heating element create the hot air that flows down the legs. Each leg, around 1.0m long, fit into each corresponding part. The specifically designed tear-drops  emit the hot air in a uniformed wave which engulfs the user.

The APRES2 remote, simple in design, is its greatest asset. The rubber diaphragm can be depressed with the hand, foot or by any means practical for the user. It can be lose on the floor or installed onto the wall. The change in pressure activates the two speed function of the body dryer.

Michael always recommended using the “first speed while showering to circulate the steam before activating the second speed to increase drying time. But each person develops their own method.”

More information on our product can be found here at What is an airBodyDryer®

Patented Technology


Material: ABS Plastic + UV Protection
Colour finish: White
Speed: x2 Speed
Net weight: 4.00Kg
Packaged weight:6.57Kg

Energy Consumption

Operating Voltage: 220V/240V
Amperage: 12.8amps


Height: 201 cm
Width: 27.5 mm
Depth: 26.5 mm
Adjustable height: Yes


Body: ABS Plastic

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