• APRES2 Bracket

    APRES2 replacement bracket which fixes to the wall and holds the pod.

    £4.60 (inc. VAT) View
  • APRES2 Foot

    An essential section to the APRES2 airBody Dryer® unit. Provides greater friction with bathroom surfaces.

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  • APRES2 Leg Bottom

    Essential replacement for dated or damaged APRES2 legs.

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  • APRES2 Leg Top

    The APRES2 leg top is the part which is inserted into the pod and the leg bottom.

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  • APRES2 Remote

    This is the APRES2 pressure button that turns the airBody Dryer® unit on and off.

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  • PVC Connector

    Clear hose, connects the remote and the pod together.

    £6.30 (inc. VAT) View