Product Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Our ambition is to provide our customers with the safest and highest quality drying experience.

All new elements that arrive on site undergo a meticulous quality check when they arrive. Such as mechanical, buy more about physical, electrical and hygienic checks. We work with the suppliers of our bespoke elements to ensure each component meets our high standards.

As each element is brought together they are thoroughly checked that they work in unison together. We base our quality control procedures on the IEC Standards 60335-2-23 (in the UK & Europe thats BS EN 60335-2-23). That means that each body dryer goes through a micro compliance test. Clause 22.24, “Bare heating elements, except in class III appliances or class III constructions that do not contain live parts, adequately supported” Is one example of a physical check that is undertook to ensure the products safety. When each unit leaves our site, it leaves behind a pile of associated paper work to prove its compliance.

Consequently, the airBody Dryer® is a high-quality product that allows it to last year after year.

High Quality Drying
We know that product safety goes well beyond paper work. It is about ensuring that our products are as safe as possible to dry with. We invest into understanding safety concerns and in developing approaches to solving them.

When it comes to compliance, we document the fulfilment of all standards and regulations that apply in the markets where we sell our products, e.g. Low Voltage Directive. Read More–>

We appreciate all feedback we receive from our consumers on quality and we are constantly working to implement the feedback and ideas in our business operations. Contact Us

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