The airBody Dryer, formerly apres Body Dryer, is made from basic, tough mechanics and strong, UV resistant plastic. So it should provide you with many years of drying pleasure. However, if your body dryer has stopped working we can repair it for you.

Before you decide to have your body dryer repaired please check the remote and PVC hose are still connected to the body dryer. Also please check electrical isolation switch is turned on. Failing this please have a qualified electrician disconnect the body dryer pod.

Once you have the pod disconnected, return only the pod to the following address:

airTeem (Repairs)
The Flat
Woodhill Street
Greater Manchester

Please complete and return this form with the pod

We charge a standard £25.00 fee, which includes opening up your pod and assessing what has gone wrong.

Afterwards we’d be happy to send you the report and let you know what needs doing before going ahead.

Following this we will clean and replace parts as per the inspection. Before finishing up and returning your body dryer pod, free of charge.

To book in your repair free phone 0330 999 0160 or complete the following form.

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