What We Do

Our body dryers are used around the world from the young to the elderly, from athletes to army personnel.
airTeem® are the sole manufacturers of the apresShower® Body Dryer. The unique design offers a simplistic, hygienic and energy efficient way of drying after showering. The dryer is hand built to the highest British and International standards, before being tested under the strictest of conditions. This guarantees a superior product, which does not have a limited life expectancy.


We Manufacture

At our site in Bury, the original creative location, we manufacture the airBody Dryer® from start to finish. This includes a rigorous testing procedure.

-All equal in appearance, operation and quality.
-Our site is open, clean and work friendly environment, with an emphasis on efficiency, employee well-being and safety.
-Control of a large percentage of our waste produce. We can now proudly say that we recycle almost the entirety of our waste.


We Improve

We are always http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com finding ways to improve the product and the way we work. We believe there is always a better way to do something and always room for improvement and this applies to our product.
Our current area of focus is


We Innovate

We are all about looking forward and innovating to keep up with today’s world. We a invest a percentage of time and money into research and development. We use some of the latest technology and are associated with some of the Northwest’s and UK’s up and coming businesses.

Our Responsibility

Product Safety

Product Safety

Product safety is airTeem®‘s top priority. We have always been committed to providing products that are in-line with strictest global standards. Read More–>

Case Studies

Case Studies

We have sold the body dryers for over 20 years. But where is it most effective? How does it effect peoples daily lives?
Read More–>



Read More–>

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