Who We Are

The revolutionary product, apresShower® Body Dryer, was invented by Michael Godwin. Known as the apresShower® Body Dryer, and patented in 1991, the product benefited from its creator’s involvement throughout its journey.

When Michael was diagnosed with dementia his son, Ryan Godwin, took a leading role in continuing his venture, with the same passion and innovation that has built its current success. airTeem® was then formed when Matthew Kendall came into partnership, becoming an instrumental part in reinvigorating apresShower the airBody Dryer.

apresShower® Body Dryer has been known by various names since its invention. Today it remains the same great product and family business, but revolutionised and enhanced by engineering developments and airTeem® innovation. With a focus on adapting and improving the product to suit the consumer, apresShower® has never been better.

The Team

Ryan Godwin and Michael Godwin apresShower
Matthew Kendall airTeem

Ryan John Godwin M.I.H [Left]

Ryan is a partner in airTeem® and was involved in apresShower® Ltd with his father. He is our link to the care industry, son of the inventor and mentor to the rest of us. His insight and knowledge of the body dryer kept it alive when Michael couldn’t continue his work.

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Michael John Godwin [Right]

Michael is the inventor of the apres Body Dryer which he developed in 1991. He was a formidable chap, an accomplished engineer, pilot, entrepreneur and a huge fan of helicopters, boats and cars.

Find Michael’s work in the archives and The Original Apres

Matthew Kendall

Matthew is another partner in airTeem®. He brings a modern outlook and life back into the business. He’s involved in the manufacturing of the current body dryer and introducing the next generation of body dryers from airTeem®.

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The Problem

Drying can be a difficult exercise for some people in our society. This can be due to lots of different and individual reasons.


Current issues within the world’s healthcare systems indicate the need for improvements, such as care for those in our community. The UK’s new Care Act 2014 emphasises goals towards reduction and prevention, as opposed to time consuming or costly processes and solutions.

Research results show that towels are one of the household items that carry the most bacteria, a less hygienic way to dry than apresBody Dryer®, which eliminates the need for towel drying. The repetitive need to wash towels also increases our personal energy consumption and bills. These factors highlight risks and burdens that can be eliminated by the use of the apresShower® Body Dryer.

Our Solution

Our airBody Dryer® provides a solution to those individuals who have difficulty drying; complications with drying or who cannot dry themselves. Whether it is this model or future models this simple principle will emanate throughout our products.

apresShower Body Dryer® is more relevant in today’s health sector than ever before, meeting the demand for greater efficiency and improved hygiene. As a result of the UK’s new Care Act 2015, airTeem® continually drive the focus of health and efficiency, implementing the airBody Dryer® as a tool that can promote well-being.

The apresShower® can eliminate towels or reduce the need for them. Therefore eliminating or reducing the contact with unhygienic towels.

airTeem® want to bring a simple, effective, energy efficient way to dry the body that can be used by people who find it difficult to dry. A product that dovetails effortlessly into its environment, without a major reconstruction of your bathroom.

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